South Wales Counselling and Psychotherapy | Client Feedback

Client Feedback

Within our service, we use a range of evaluation tools to help assist our clients in tracking their changes in therapy to aid in highlighting specific points in their therapy where change has occurred.

We encourage all clients to evaluate the counselling that they have received at the end of therapy, and below is but a snapshot of the feedback that the service has received.


SWCAP is a sister service of the Newport Community Counselling Service (NCCS). Utalising the knowledge and expertise that we have built over the years, the SWCAP service is an evolution of NCCS, aimed to promote a high-quality counselling service to the public.

At NCCS, we regularly publish statistical information on the service. For our latest statistical handbook, please click on the link below. The handbook includes statistics on the following:

  • Referrals
  • Assessments
  • Attendance
  • Type of Therapy
  • Research into the effectiveness of our service
  • Client Feedback

Service Statistics (PDF, 504KBs)